I am back!

Back and hopefully better. I haven’t posted anything on here in ages, University was so hectic, i barely had any me time…and when i did? I didn’t feel very motivated to blog.

I am giving this thing a try again 🙂

Have you guys seen this new wire nail trend? 😱 ..I LOVE IT!! Look at this ⬇️

Innovated by South Korean nail salon Unistella (that is their instagram handle on the screen shots) . I would definately try this! …but since i am in Africa and there is no Unistella nail salon , I am  thinking of doing this myself 🙈

I do wonder if  they are practical. What do you think? Share your thoughts on the comment bar .

As soon as i figure out how to do this i will definitely post about it.

💋 xoxo












My October beauty wish list

Hello my cake lovers 🙂

I just thought I should share my beauty wish list for the month. We all have that list of things we really want to get our hands on.

And here is my list!

Item 1- The Smash Box camera ready BB water. I first heard about this product from  one of my favorite You Tubers  ItsMyRayeRaye . Since then I really want to try it , It looked so great on her skin. You know how it is, you see something that looks good on someone and wish to try it.

photo source: reallygee.com

Item2- The Bare Minerals complexion rescue cream.  This product has been on my wish list for months now, I have been looking for it and still am. It is more like a BB cream, but promises a weightless and less greasy cover . With Summer around the corner who wouldn’t want this?

2015-10-09 13.47.25
photo source: pinterest.com

Item3- Mariah Carey for Mac lipstick – frost. I saw this lipstick on instagram, I fell in love with the color . I have no idea how it will look against my skin tone, but I am willing to try it. I will sure post a review of it.

photo source: madmoizelle.com

Item4- Giambattistavalli for Mac – lipstick collection. I  first saw this collection on @Differentisthebest Instagram profile love these lipstick colors so much, I have been searching for them with no luck since they came out.

photo source: instagram profile @differentisthebest

Bold and Dark lip suitable for spring

Hello my cake lovers 🙂 lets get you caked up!

I’m sure you have all been told that the dark  and bold lip colors should be worn in winter season. Well I say let us break that rule. Bold and dark lip colors can be worn in spring season too! …now let us begin.

These are all the products I used to achieve this look.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Item 1: Mac retro matte lipstick, Rihanna collection (limited ed) in talk that talk. My favorite lipstick , like forever!

Item 2:  Labello fruity shine lip balm in strawberry

Item3:  Mac studio fix (used as foundation) with spf15

Item4: Black opal precision lip definer in the color black cherry.

Item5:  Revlon Mega Lash lengthening Mascara

Item6: Maybelline eye lining gel . (another favorite 🙂 )

Item7: Almay shadow softies in the color Electric

Item8: Clicks foundation blending sponge

Items9 and 10 : Smudge nail lacouers in the colors Berry and Nude pink

Well that was one long list.  I will be focusing only on the lips on this post. feel free to check out the latest posts under eye makeup tutorials and foundation and contouring tutorials to find out how I did my foundation and eye makeup .

(step by step mini tutorial for long lasting lipstick , for my beginner cake lovers  🐥 ⬇️)

Alright! step one 🙂 – Exfoliate and moisturize

Exfoliate the dead skin off your lips. You can create your own lip scrub using one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of honey and some lemon juice . Mix all these ingredients up and exfoliate. Rinse once you feel you have gotten rid of all that dead skin, and moisturize your lips, the Labello lip balm works best for me.

Step two – Line those lips !

This how your lips look before.


(After) see where I shaded and lined with the blue color? that is where you should line and shade on your lips, using the lip liner. 2015-10-07 21.13.18 I am no Picasso, but I tried 🙂

So this is how my lined lips look (photo below)

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Step 3 – fill in with the lip stick.

fill in the rest of your lips with the lip stick, make sure the lipstick blends in with the lip liner.

How to make it work for spring

you want to keep the rest of your make up fresh looking, as natural as possible.  One layer of foundation, very little eye shadow, a sweep of blush and lash lengthening mascara. I add a thin cat eye (i can’t do without it) …but it is not really necessary.

Alright my cake lovers, until next time 💋

You may comment below, share your thoughts or questions.

My twitter experience as a new kid on the block

For my journalism applied course i was required to put my twitter account to good use and create awareness for my blog. Why? to ensure that I (and the rest of my class) are social media savvy in preparation for the journalist workplace environment along with the tasks we are going to be faced with. For this assignment, I was required tweet on any content (e.g. articles, videos) that I found interesting and whichare relevant to my blog theme. My blog theme as you can tell by my background image is beauty and makeup.

My first tweet  was on Elle magazine SA September 2015 issue (page 108) article providing guidelines on how to choose the right blush for one’ skin tone. I for one have struggled with finding the right blush tone and texture to suit my skin tone. The article recommended some great blush products and their prices. I found this extremely helpful. COUi8J9UwAARc9J
My second tweet  was on a product review blog post by Miss whoever you are.  She did a review of the Nirvana Hydrating treatment mist. I found her review to be the most insightful on the product. My third tweet was on Tanya Burr ‘s new beauty products line , which I think has the perfect colors for spring. My fourth tweet was on Shanaz Cola’s make up tutorial blog post , which I found very helpful. My fifth and last tweet  was on Raye Boyce’s vlog (YouTube video) , where she recommended a product I bought and found excellent .

I did not receive any feedback on my tweets, very disappointing it was. I think this is because I am still unknown in the beauty blogger world and that i did not promote my blog on all my social media sites (except for Facebook and twitter) .  In future I am to promote my blog on all my social media sites.

Make sure to check out my next blog post! make up tutorial coming up 🙂




Alright! lets start with the basics, Taking care of thy skin- THE SKIN COMMANDMENTS (plus secret night regimen for a natural glow 🙃)


Commandment 1 Keep thy skin clean .

wash your face in the morning, at night and even after working out. find cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing products that contain Benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid or salicylic acid, as they are clinically proven to treat acne.

Commandment 2- Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more!

i have heard a lot of people talking about how they cannot stand drinking a lot of water. but because you want the skin underneath all that make up to stay beautiful, switch that bottle of soda to water! green tea is also just as good too.

Commandment 3- Do not pop that pimple!…yes leave it alone.

Tie your hands you have to.  We pick up a lot of germs with our hands through out the day every day. Touching that pimple and adding those germs will only make things worse. It may cause scarring too.

Commandment 4- Protect thy skin ..Use sunscreen.

Make sure to look out for sunscreen that is SPF 30 or even higher. Skin damage caused by the too much exposure to the sun can be difficult to treat, besides no one wants to walk around with a tomato face right?

i hope you wrote these down somewhere! 🙂

As for that glow up secret regimen? Listen up…this has given me amaizing results!


– a spoon of plain yogurt

– a teaspoon of honey

– a teaspoon of tumeric powder

mix it all up and use it as a mask, let it dry and then wash your face with luke warm water. I like to do this before bedtime, every two days.

The results?? A brighter (that natural glow 💁🏽) , more even skin tone.

Alright my cake lovers , until next time💋